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Open Access and Copyright
At JANOLI International Journals, we are dedicated to promoting open access to scientific knowledge. All our published articles are made available under the Creative Commons CC-BY license, with the current version being CC-BY, version 4.0. This means that while the author(s) retain copyright ownership of their work, the content is freely accessible to readers worldwide.
Under the CC-BY license, users have the right to download, distribute, and adapt the published content for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, appropriate attribution to the original article must always be given, acknowledging the contributions of the authors.
We firmly believe that open access accelerates the dissemination of research findings, fosters collaboration, and increases the impact of scholarly work. By providing unrestricted access to valuable research, we aim to facilitate innovation and advance scientific knowledge for the benefit of society.
Adopting the principles of open access and the CC-BY license, JANOLI International Journals remains committed to supporting the global research community and enhancing the accessibility and visibility of high-quality scientific content. We invite authors, readers, and stakeholders to join us in this journey toward an open and collaborative scholarly landscape. Together, we can drive positive change and promote the progress of science worldwide.