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Aim and scope
JANOLI International Journal of Economics and Management Science aspires to be a leading platform for scholarly research and discourse at the intersection of economics and management. Our primary aim is to advance knowledge in these fields by fostering rigorous academic inquiry, promoting innovative thinking, and contributing to informed decision-making in the global economic landscape.
JANOLI International Journal of Economics and Management Science invites original contributions, in the domain of management and economics, from scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers across a wide spectrum of topics within the domains of economics and management. Our scope encompasses, but is not limited to, the following areas:
Microeconomics and Macroeconomics: Research addressing the behavior of individuals, firms, and governments, as well as the dynamics of national and global economies.
Economic Policy and Analysis: Studies focusing on the development, evaluation, and impact of economic policies.
International Economics: Exploration of issues related to international trade, finance, and economic development.
Behavioural Economics: Investigations into the psychological factors influencing economic decision-making.
Management Science:
Organizational Behaviour: Research on human behavior within organizations, leadership, and team dynamics.
Strategic Management: Studies examining the formulation and implementation of strategic plans and their impact on organizational performance.
Marketing and Consumer Behaviour: Exploration of marketing strategies, consumer preferences, and market trends.
Human Resources and Talent Management Science: Insights into talent acquisition, development, and management.
Innovation and Technology Management Science: Research on innovation processes, technology adoption, and their effects on businesses.
Interdisciplinary Studies:
JANOLI International Journal of Economics and Management Science recognizes the synergies between economics and management and actively encourages interdisciplinary research. Contributions that explore the interplay between these fields or bridge the gap between theory and practice are particularly welcomed.
Global Perspective: In an era of increasing economic globalization, [Journal Name] embraces a global perspective. We invite research with international relevance, focusing on the implications of economic and managerial decisions across diverse geographic and cultural contexts.
Practical Applicability:  While we value theoretical exploration, the JANOLI International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, places a strong emphasis on practical applicability. We seek research that provides actionable insights and contributes to the betterment of business practices, policymaking, and society as a whole.
Editorial Commitment: Our commitment to academic rigor is unwavering. All submissions to [Journal Name] undergo a rigorous peer-review process, ensuring the highest quality and credibility of
Published Content: Join us in this intellectual journey to advance knowledge, solve real-world challenges, and inspire positive change in economics and management. We look forward to welcoming a diverse community of scholars and practitioners who share our passion for these dynamic and influential fields.